Creator Shevon James

February 4, 2013

 Auditioning for

America's Got Talent.

The show called him, asked him to audition, they are looking for a male belly dancer this year. America doesn't know what they're in for! 

Brancée is the newest dance fitness class thas has recently emerged in the fitness industry and is gaining popularity amongst its participants. Brancée's mission is to provide a FUN and FIT way for members to become physically active, while introducing them to easy to follow steps and international music. Not only is Brancée a great workout, but it is an American Council on Exercise (ACE)  and National Extercise Trainer's Association (NETA) approved fitness program. There are two Brancée styles of fitness.  Please click below to find out which dance fitness program will suit your workout!!


  • Brancée Cardio Belly Dance - Cardio-belly at it's best. It's all about shaking your hips and working your core, in a fun filled atmosphere!!!


  • Brancée Dance Fitness - "Br" for Ballroom and "ance" + an elegant "é"  spells Brancée.  Learn steps and techniques!