Brancée Cardio Belly Dance

Inspired by Turkish, Egyptian, Indian, and Asian style dancing, Shevon James created a unique program designed to keep you fit.  If you have been trying to rid of belly-fat, then this is the workout for you.  Brancée Cardio Belly Dance specifically targets core abdominals so you will begin to loose inches in the first weeks of doing this workout.  Many people who have started this workout have seen results that they desired.


This speciality cardio-belly dance program combines fresh and new age rhythms with energetic belly dancing moves.  The music is inspirational and will keep you invigorated and excited. In Brancée Cardio Belly Dance you will see music from many different genres even music from today's hits.  


Brancée Cardio Belly Dance is a true fitness program combined with cardio-belly dance.  IT IS NOT just a BELLY-DANCE program.  Our students will learn some belly dance moves, but the moves are combined with dance and fitness making this a strengthening, scultping, and fun filled workout.  YOU WILL JUST HAVE TO TRY AND SEE FOR YOURSELF!!